Monday, 5 August 2013

Colour Crush Lipstick | Innocent Pink

 Hello :)

My first post in almost 3 months and it had to be about a Body Shop product, right. I am however loving this little beauty so it was definitely worth sharing. After the launch of the 'Colour Crush' eyeshadows not so long ago, a new matching range of 'Colour Crush' lipsticks has just arrived to replace the old 'Colourglide' range. There are 24 shades, some the same or similar to the old ones and some brand spanking new ones. Firstly, I would like to point out the change in packaging and how much more stylish and marketable they are compared to the old plain silver style. The different coloured lids to match the groups of pink, red and nudes remind me slightly of the Revlon Lip Butter packaging and I think they will be much more appealing than they were, especially to younger shoppers.

I got to choose a lipstick to try out and instantly fell in love with one of the new colours 'Innocent Pink/215'. If you have read any of my posts in the past then you may know that I have always had a soft spot for baby pinks however I have recently started to wear reds since dying my hair dark brown, so when I tried this one it reminded me how much I like pink shades and I had to have it. I have been wearing it everyday for the past 5 days and love it. The lipsticks are really soft and glide on easily but still seem to stay put for quite a long time. They contain Marula and Cherry seed oil so are nice and moisturising too, which is always a bonus. The name 'Colour Crush', like the eyeshadows, also means that they contain crushed pigments to give a high impact colour. I would definitely recommend checking out this new range as there are some lovely colours available :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

In My Wardrobe | Yet Another New Look Haul

Hello Girls :)

So today I went on another little haul in New Look, uh oh. Ever since I got the store card I find myself drawn to the place, not good! Although I did actually pay for these items so I guess that's ok, right? Since I moved house recently and have been on my own I've been using it as a little excuse to treat myself more often and I don't even care as I think I deserve it personally, ha. I need new clothes to cheer myself up and have some fun! I have social events popping up here, there and everywhere at the minute too and I don't want to be going out looking like a tramp. Here is what I purchased...

Aztec Skirt: £9.99
I had been eyeing these skirts up in the adults section and found this one for £5 cheaper in the kids section! I mentioned in one of my last hauls here that I got an aztec print midi dress in the children's section too and it's so much cheaper! The age 14-15 is the same as a size 8-10 in most of the items so it's definitely worth a wander, even if you pretend you are buying for someone else. I can't get enough of these prints at the moment and have bought far too many similar things recently.

Polka Dot Crop Top: £7.99
I'm not usually a fan of crop tops as I don't appreciate having my stomach on show but since my skirt is quite high waisted I thought this looked really cute teamed up with it. They have so many versions of this style in at the moment with different colours and prints. They are so cheap and lovely for summer for day or dressed up for a night out. 

Black Crop Top: £4.99
I picked up one in this style too as it was also really cheap and I thought I can wear it with my new skirt to create another outfit. I think plain tops like these are really handy to mix with different pieces.

Mesh Cut Out Bodycon Dress: £7
I was so happy to find this dress in the sale for £7! Bargain! I love the midi dress length and the cut out bits. The material is the type of shiny stretchy stuff that I would usually avoid but for a whole seven pounds I am not going to complain! I will probably team it with some colourful shoes and/or accessories to make it a bit more exciting. 

Please excuse the quality of these pictures, I was not intending to use them for the post at all, I was just asking for advice from friends when trying them on obviously. I thought I would share so you can see what they look like on :) I never usually clash prints together at all as I am such a neat freak and like things to match, however I really liked the cute polka dot top with the aztec print.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Newcastle Fashion Week | Wear Your Sunday Best

Hello :)

If you live in Newcastle then you are probably aware of the happenings surrounding Newcastle Fashion Week. I have had a crazy week working so haven't had chance to attend much of it so far but I have had a pretty amazing weekend getting to experience some of it.

 On Saturday I was actually working at the event at Northumbria University. When I arrived I thought I was just setting up my little stall where I would be selling products and doing mini makeovers and demos on the public, however there seemed to be a bit of a mix up and they wanted me to do all of the models makeup for the fashion show! It was rather stressful getting thrown in at the deep end but I really enjoyed it and it was so nice to get behind the scenes and see what was going on. Having to put makeup on the male models was interesting too, ha! 

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the 'Wear Your Sunday Best' event organised by The House of Seduction and I have to say, it was the cutest little thing I have ever been to! It was set up like a vintage tea party which I absolutely love! We arrived at our seats and there were little treats waiting for us, yay! An amazing cake pop from NaniPops which tasted so so good, I definitely need more of these! Some false eyelashes from ND Makeup which I can't wait to try out and a little favour box of sweets! 
There was also a teacup of pear cider for each of us and a lovely cupcake, a perfect addition to the vintage theme. The actual fashion show itself was very fun and tasteful. The music was very fitting and I loved how they used a live photographer and projected images on to the wall throughout. All of the girls were so confident as they strutted and danced along the catwalk and they all looked amazing! The actual lingerie and swimwear on show was lovely too! I particularly liked a few of the swimwear items and will be looking at getting some if I book a holiday anytime soon! To finish up we were given a performance by Scarlet Street who were amazing and have such a unique style, they definitely sent me away with Mr Sandman in my head!

When the fashion show was over Sarah and I headed to the after party at Jalou and took advantage of the half price cocktails! My Strawberry Daiquiri was so good! :) 
Overall I was really impressed with this event and had a lovely time :) I would definitely recommend getting involved with any of the NFW events if you can! I'm going to try and make some of the others as there is lots more going on this week!